About us

Our group has been created to provide highly innovative technologies and services to enhance and automate the process of pharmacy compounding. We have a range of technological solutions to address the compounding processes for both Aseptic and Non-Sterile compounding processes. These technologies are designed to automate operations to ensure safety and accuracy are maximised, but also to alleviate staff time to focus on more patient-focused, value-added services.

In addition to the technologies we provide,  our Group has developed the technical expertise and quality systems necessary to provide our customer base with the associated services required. These services range from the provision of services and documentation required to achieve validated installations, through to a team of trained, local engineers to support you and the equipment.

"For the last 20 years, I have been researching, developing and providing highly innovative technologies to automate pharmacy operations. Following our previous successes with robotic dispensing, I have shifted our strategic focus to innovative technologies to address the needs of pharmacy compounding operations. The key aims of all the technology we provide are to increase patient and operator safety whilst increasing the speed and efficiency of operations. We have now assembled a product range of new technologies which will allow our users to transform their operations to ensure that patient care, and the efficiency by which this patient care is provided, is maximised."


Founder & CEO of ARX Solutions